Trillium House offers a peaceful, homelike environment for terminally ill people and provides care that emphasizes compassion, independence, respect and dignity. In cooperation with local hospice programs, Trillium House provides Residents with exceptional care and attention 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Trillium House is for those people:

  • living in a limited support situation as a complement to a hospice agency.
  • living with an elderly or infirm partner whose own condition prevents them from being able to provide appropriate care.
  • whose partners are unable of caring for their loved one at home during their time in hospice.
Who is Eligible

Any person enrolled in a certified hospice program or who would qualify for hospice care is eligible to live at Trillium House.  The Medicare and Medicaid programs provide a hospice benefit as do some private insurances. This benefit includes covering some equipment and prescription costs.

Hospice caregivers help control pain and symptoms so residents can live each day more comfortably and with dignity. Residents and their families receive individualized care that addresses their physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social needs.

The Cost to Live at Trillium House

We receive no federal or state funds – such as Medicare or Medicaid.  We rely solely on Resident fees and donations to ensure we will be a home for all of us for as long as we are needed. It costs about $420,000 for Trillium House to operate 24 hours a day, 365-days-a-year. Our greatest costs are the wages and expenses related to our incredible staff and caregivers.

Trillium House currently charges a fee of $225 per day. We feel that this is a very reasonable fee to ensure Residents are safe and comfortable at the end of life.

We understand, however, that some who need Trillium House are not able to afford this daily fee. Donations from our supporters allow us to discount the fee to what we see is within the means of each Resident.  Please call us today to discuss what we can do for your loved one and family.  Please come or a visit or contact us at (906) 264-5026 or email us at: info@trilliumhospicehouse.org


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