Old – Who We Are


Trillium House Board of Directors:  Pres. Aaron Scholnik, Vice Pres.  Sharon Fries, Sec. Jackie Martin, Treas. Sue Kitti, Asst. Treas. Cary Gottlieb, Roger Bentlage, Tom Blake, Sam Elder, Michael Grossman, Sherry Henderson, Dave Holli, Bob Kulisheck, Dan Mazzuchi, Bob Raica, Larry Skendzel.  Advisor: Wim McDonald.

The Trillium House is a new organization with the mission to ensure our community has a safe, welcoming and comfortable home for those hospice patients who need us at the end of life.  In an effort to achieve this mission, this website will communicate our story, provide details to the media, and recruit volunteer support and voluntary gifts to accomplish this worthy goal.

Hospice care requires at least one consistent caregiver to ensure safety and support for the everyday activities of daily living. The most fragile in our community too often do not have such care and can be in homes not readily suited to receiving hospice care.  What may surprise you is that these patients are most likely your neighbors and friends . . . it could even be you in the future! There is most likely at least one man or woman living on your street who lives alone and does not have a friend or family member  able to provide this consistent and stable level of support.  Many of us transition from empty-nesters to widows and find ourselves ill and not quite sure who can keep us safe in our own home. Trillium House is here for all of us.

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