We Welcome Our 1st Resident

July 13, 2018

Jean’s family asked  us to share her story and her journey to Trillium House

Jean’s son wanted to help us in putting a real face to that picture by sharing his mom’s story.  Jean was our first resident and her son said that she enjoyed that distinction.  Born 84 years ago in Marquette,  life took her to Marshall Town, Iowa then brought her back home to the U.P.  Jean worked as a John Deere machinist for many years and we couldn’t help seeing that Rosie the Riveter spirit when she picked out her room.  Along with lovingly caring for her family, Jean was a huge Packers fan who twice won her fantasy football league.  She enjoyed road trips to new places, taking money from casinos along the way.  She was also an intrepid hunter of morels and wild asparagus often coming back with 20 to 30 pounds of deliciousness for family and friends.

Jean came to Trillium House because her family and hospice team agreed she just couldn’t be safe and comfortable alone in an apartment.  Her journey – and her loved ones’ – was truly more peaceful because of all of you.  Trillium House is truly a home for all of us!

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