Trillium’s First Hospice Graduate!

Bob Opening Gifts

April 2, 2019

Earlier this week Trillium House had a very special day! We just said goodbye to Bob who has lived with us for some time. Bob is our first hospice graduate and he’s on the way to North Carolina to live with his brother’s family.

Because this community believed in creating a hospice home, Bob had a safe and comfortable place to receive his care. When Bob lived with us his condition went slowly from very bad to okay to good to “you don’t belong in hospice now”! His life limiting illness isn’t cured and won’t ever be; but all it is limiting now are his days and not his ability to enjoy them. You’ll hear from Bob soon as he thoughtfully did a short video for us before heading out to his new home in North Carolina. We’re going to miss him but couldn’t be happier for Bob and his family.

Bob With Family, Staff and Friends

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