August 12, 2019 – The central U.P.’s only hospice home has broadened the scope of its respite program to help more families struggling to care for a loved one.  “Hospice patients who need our care will always be Trillium House’s mission and focus.  After a year of experience and much discussion, we concluded Trillium can also help more families who need care on a short-term basis,” explained Dr. Aaron Scholnik, Trillium’s board president.

The initiation of this additional service springs from families with a loved one who is not yet enrolled in a hospice program reaching out to Trillium House, said Executive Director Pat Bray.   At those times, however, Trillium could only accept those formally enrolled in hospice care who needed a safe and comfortable home during their hospice journey. From these calls, Bray explained, it was clear these families were struggling with the same issues of worry, lack of sleep, and the heavy physical demands of caring for a sick person 24 hours a day that families of hospice patients experience.   Trillium’s volunteer Board of Directors decided it could follow the lead of a sister home, Omega House in Houghton, by being available to non-hospice guests for short-term stays of three to seven days.

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