The Trillium Society 

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”    

~ Pericles

Trillium Society members have made a very special gift to help us care for hospice patients who need us.   These dear friends displayed their passion for this mission through a gift that we have received or will receive after their passing.   Almost all Trillium Society members made their gift by including a bequest in their will or trust.  Others did so by naming Trillium House as an insurance policy or  retirement plan beneficiary. These wonderful gifts are made in all amounts by those who supported Trillium House’s creation and our mission to care for their neighbors, friends, and families at the end of life.   We hope you’ll consider joining the Trillium Society so every hospice patient’s experience is what they and their loved ones wish it to be.


A simple bequest allows you to support Trillium House without giving anything away during your life. You can make a bequest in your will or living trust by sharing your wish that Trillium receive a cash donation, real estate, stocks, or real property. Many people use their will or trust to provide a favored charity with a gift by specifying a percentage of their estate as a bequest. A bequest can be changed so that you do maintain control of your estate.


Contingent gifts only come about should something unforeseen happen to those you have named to receive bequests as a contingent beneficiary on retirement plans or life insurance policies.


A gift called a remainder interest in your home, cottage, or other real estate allows you to transfer the property to Trillium, while you enjoy and control it during your lifetime. This can save your family and loved ones from having to deal with the property while providing a generous gift.

  • We offer these gift examples as they are simply the most common ones people use to support organizations they care deeply about. Some planned gifts provide income to you or someone you designate and have other advantages that may be available to you. As everyone’s life is   different, we encourage you to speak with a professional advisor to best meet your wishes.

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A Personal Story From A Trillium Society Member

Eleanor lost her husband of many years five years ago. They supported their church and a number of organizations in the community for many years, including Trillium House from our earliest efforts.  While reviewing her finances Eleanor selected Trillium House as one of the organizations she’d make a gift to when her time comes.  She decided Trillium would be the named beneficiary on an investment account that had been part of their retirement.   A call to the company and the signing of a few forms created this wonderful gift to support the future of our mission.

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  • The information provided on this page is for general informational purposes only.   Please consult with qualified advisors on your unique situation.  Trillium House cannot and does not offer such advice.  For additional information or to speak with someone from Trillium House, please submit the form below. 


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