Trillium House Community – Meet Pat Bray

April 29, 2019 – As part of Trillium House Community Series, Pat Bray, our Executive Director shared with us why he got involved with Trillium House.

“I knew what hospice was – or thought I did. Since helping to raise the money to build Trillium and then being on staff, I have a far better grasp on it now. What hospice care can accomplish is. . . uplifting, humbling and so damn life-affirming. This community has always impressed me by how much you care. Nothing shows that more than how you’ve embraced the Trillium House mission. I am humbled by being part of this amazing place.

In the attached picture Pat is sharing in an evening of games with the Residents and staff.  Thanks Pat for all you do to make Trillium House a home for many of us. 

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