Our Fabulous Gazebo Is Finished!

December 7, 2018 – Our Gazebo is finished and it’s fabulous! We are indebted to so many people who helped with this great addition to Trillium House. First, special thanks to the NMU Construction Management students who selected us and put in more than 750 hours of hard work. They are Kurt Thiele, Keegan Pacic, Noah Talentino, Jalen Brooks, Noah Jutis, and Adam Michaud.  Also thanks to our Construction Management program faculty, especially Mike Andary. The project could not have happened without the generous in kind gifts from the following businesses: Hiawatha Log Homes, 41 Lumber, Sherwin-Williams, Griffin Construction, Greenstone Landscape & Design, and the Window Store.

Dan Mazzuchi & NMU Construction Management Students

Trillium House is offering up to 16 opportunities for supporters to make a $250 or more gift to support this project. These funds will cover all of our cost for the Gazebo. In the spring we will place a plaque on the main posts in memory or honor of a loved one. Please call Pat at 906-273-1653 to make a gift, donate through Facebook or on our website www.trilliumhospicehouse.org noting it is for Gazebo Project, or send your donation to 1144 Northland Dr, Marquette, 49855 indicating as well that it is for the Gazebo Project. We live in an incredible community!  Thanks again for helping hospice patients and their families live life to the fullest.

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