Respite Care

Since before we opened in 2018, families caring for a loved one at home have asked if they could be a Guest with us.  Unfortunately, at that time we were only accepting those enrolled in a certified hospice program.  We now have the experience to know we can help meet this growing community need for respite as well as caring for the hospice patients who need us.

Trillium House accepts respite Guests as rooms are available.  Since our opening we regularly have on to two of our eight rooms open.  These are now available to respite Guests for a day, a week or potentially longer stays.  Our trained and caring staff take care of all daily personal care needs, including help with medications, so respite Guests are completely comfortable, safe and at ease.  Family can come anytime though many truly take this time for a much needed break with the peace of mind knowing their loved one is “at home” with us.

If you would be comfortable having your loved one stay with a family member or close friend at their home, they are most likely a good fit for Trillium House.

It’s important to know we are not a nursing home nor do we have the facility or staffing for those needing on-to-one care.  Trillium House is not appropriate for those who are a flight risk, a danger to themselves or others, or who act inappropriately with care givers and others.

Please call Alicia Burgess at 906-869-3530

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