Resident & Family Comments


October 31, 2018

Since opening in July, 12 Residents have lived with us.  They came from Marquette and Delta Counties and ranged in age from early 50’s to over 100.  We recently received the following note from a family who shared with us the importance of Trillium House to their family.

“When our grandmother decided on hospice care, her requests were that she would be comfortable and not in a nursing home.  Not only did you take care of her with compassion, but her entire family and visiting friends too.  Your staff allowed us to help with her care and we made some delicious meals for everyone to share.  All of which was provided with dignity and empathy during the most vulnerable time in our lives.  We are so grateful to all of you.”

Simply put, we’re a home at the end of life for hospice patients who cannot be safe and comfortable at home.  Our caregivers stand in for loved ones to help with meals, to make sure Residents are comfortable and safe, to assist with medications, and we’re happy to simply hold a hard and listen.  Our home is far more often filled with laughter than tears as Residents and their loved ones enjoy this time together.  Trillium House truly is a home for all of us!

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