Meet Jackie Martin, Board of Directors Secretary

June 26, 2019

As part of Trillium House Community Series, Jackie Martin, Board of Directors Secretary, shared with us why she got involved with Trillium House.

My end of life passion started as a high school student enrolled in Health Occupations. We were assigned to write our funeral and eulogy. This exercise changed the way I looked at death and molded the type of nurse I became over 30 years ago. I have never wanted a patient or anyone for that matter to die alone. I always wanted them and their family members to celebrate each life. When I became a board member of  Trillium House, it  was the one missing piece in our community for end of life and hospice services. We have already seen numerous times how Trillium House has allowed residents and their family members to celebrate life. I am so thankful for Dr.  Dan Mazzuchi and Jeff Nyquist’s vision and perseverance and the giving community who have and continue to support the Trillium House mission.

Thank you Jackie for all you do for Trillium House and hospice patients. 

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