What is a hospice house?

Trillium House is an independent residence that provides a home and second-family to those patients who need us at the end of life. We do not provide medical care as our Residents stay under the care of their doctor, nurse and hospice team.  Trillium House and our staff provide residential care so these patients are safe and comfortable and able to live life to the fullest they may.

Who are you doing this for?

Trillium House’s eight Resident rooms are open to all patients within a certified hospice program.  We fill a need hospice providers in our community have seen for many years.  While most patients want to have hospice care at home that just isn’t possible for some.  Those who need Trillium House simply do not have enough capable care givers to be with them 24/7 and/or their home simple is not suited to care for such a seriously ill person.   Hospice houses like Trillium have cared for those in need for decades across the country.

Who owns it?

Trillium House is a non-profit organization so the community owns us.  Our volunteer board of directors include members from all  of our community’s hospice organizations, physicians, nurses, and others who have experienced all that hospice provides through a loved one’s journey.

How will Trillium House be funded?

Following the example of Omega House in Houghton, Trillium House will have Resident care fees and will request community support.  Our plan is that up to half of the annual operating expense being offset by care fees while the other half will be generated by fund raising efforts.   Omega House has succeeded in this way for many years and we believe our larger population base will allow Trillium House to as well.   Also following in Omega House’s example we will keep operating costs to the minimum required to provide great care and will rely on  volunteers to a huge degree.

The campaign to build and equip Trillium House has successfully raised the funds required.  We will have the $2.15 million cost completely paid off in two years through outstanding pledges.

Where is it located?

Trillium House is at 1144 Northland Dr in Marquette – a beautiful six acre site just off McClellan past the 41 By-pass heading toward Marquette Mountain.  The property is large enough for our home, nice gardens, as well as expansion should that become necessary in the future.

How are the hospice providers in the community involved?

All are represented on the Trillium House board and have been since the beginning.  Each hospice provider will continue to care for their patients as they always have with the addition of having Trillium House available for those who need us.  On average there are 400 patients receiving hospice care in central U.P. at any given time.  All providers expect Trillium House to be a highly valued addition for many hospice patients and their families.

When will Trillium House open?

We opened July 13, 2018.   Our first Resident came to live with us a few days after.

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