Trillium House Veteran Honored

November 11, 2019 – Resident George Hazares was recently honored by the team at UPHH & Hospice for his years of military service in the United States Coast Guard. We would like to take this opportunity to thank George and all veterans for their service to our country!

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Meet Margaret: Our longest Resident

October 28, 2019 – Meet Margaret, our longest staying Resident and truly a part of our Trillium Family.  WJMN Channel 3 recently did a wonderful story about Margaret and Trillium House where family and love fill the air.  Our hearts are warm with gratitude for all of our many supporters who help us in a variety of ways so that people like Margaret have a home at Trillium House.  Please join us.  Stop by for a visit and find out more about hospice and Trillium House.  You can watch the story by clicking on the link below.


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Resident, Ross Nicholson painting donated

July 31, 2019 – Patti Nicholson and Gloria Tibbets, the wife and sister of Resident Ross Nicholson recently donated a framed painting done by Ross nearly 20 years ago. The colorful sunset will find a place of honor at Trillium House. We thank his family for giving us this memory of Ross. He was a very special man.

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Trillium Graduate Makes The News!

June 12, 2019 – Thanks to Cecilia Brown for the great article in The Mining Journal about Bob Barry, our first Trillium House graduate. His story defines our mission at Trillium House that hospice is about living each day to fullest. Our success is because of the amazing staff, volunteers and community that support us in so many ways. We thank them all.…/trillium-house-celebrates-…/

We just said goodbye to Bob who has lived with us for some time. Bob is our first hospice graduate and he’s on the way to North Carolina to live with his brother’s family.

Because this community believed in creating a hospice home, Bob had a safe and comfortable place to receive his care. When Bob lived with us his condition went slowly from very bad to okay to good to “you don’t belong in hospice now”! His life limiting illness isn’t cured and won’t ever be; but all it is limiting now are his days and not his ability to enjoy them.  We’re going to miss him but couldn’t be happier for Bob and his family.




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Puzzle Time In The Sunshine

April 19, 2019 – We have a great selection of puzzles, games and activities for our Residents to enjoy. Sandy and her daughter Kim decided to take on one the tougher puzzles we have at the house. Going to admit we were all jealous of their quick progress!  The welcome sunlight pouring through all our dining room windows helped energize the effort I’m pretty sure. We would love to have a large portable puzzle board/tray so that the puzzle could be easily moved. If you or a friend have one that you’d like to donate, please drop it by Trillium and spend some time at the puzzle table!


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Irene – A Life Well Lived

December 14, 2018 – Irene Fogaroli lived with us before recently passing at the amazing age of 104.  She was the sweetest lady you could possibly meet.  Her favorite words here were probably “grazie”, “beautiful”, and “7 Up”.   An immigrant from Italy in the early 1940s, her son Gulio shared these photos with us.  He also shared that Irene loved being outside working on anything to do with gardens and plants.  That included helping her grandson, Nino, with the firewood chores.  It’s a nice note that Nino was actively involved in the construction of Trillium House.   It was truly an honor taking care of a Irene and we miss her.


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